Drop In Days

$150.00 / day


Drop in Days are only available on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

Choose with or without membership then to select one day choose the day and enter it in the Start date and End date.


Drop In Days

Ad hoc weekend participation based on availability. Open to advanced and intermediate snowboarders who have progressed to the highest level of ski school. (At least 2 days’ notice advised please contact Jon Steel)

$150 day plus a minimum $30 membership fee (once off).

Please Contact the Director of Coaching, Jon Steel, or the Club President Tom Burdekin to discuss enrollment if your athlete is new to the program.

e: jon.steel@hothamsnowboarders.com.au
m: 0428 369 822

e: tom.burdekin@hothamsnowboarders.com.au
m: 0438 722 634


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